Dog in Camping GearWith summer approaching, you may be thinking about taking a family camping trip with your dog. Here are some simple tips from the Brackett Street Team on how to prepare for a camping vacation with your canine companion:

  1. Make sure the destination allows dogs; most campgrounds are dog friendly but some national parks only allow dogs in certain areas.

  2. When selecting a campsite, be sure to find one with adequate shade.
  1. Collapsible bowls for food and water are lightweight and easily packed. Be sure to empty any leftover food – you do not want to attract any insects or wildlife!

  2. Bring a comb to brush out any stickers, burrs, etc.

  3. Consider investing in a temporary ID tag with your campsite information and contact info. Microchipping is strongly recommended in case your dog loses its collar.

  4. Dog in Camping TentBe sure to apply your flea/tick preventative a minimum of several days before you head on the trip. Also make sure your pooch is getting a heartworm preventative monthly – those darn mosquitos! Call us if you have any questions.

  5. Remember, these places will likely have other dogs and it's important your pet is up to date on vaccinations since those other dogs may not be.

  6. Call us if you have any questions about potential health risks in the area you are camping.

  7. Lastly – HAVE FUN! WOOF!